starting over again and again and again…

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Here we go again… writing is better than playing video games. So, there is that.


i should write like this

Austin Kleon
blocks out the words
he doesnt want
leaves the rest

what would happen if
i would only use the words i find in the newspaper

thats stupid
why limit myself
with a newspaper
when i could be using the whole dictionary.

i love the way i wash my hands

every time i go to wash my hands
i do it differently than before
this new method is
q u i e t

i place the bar of soap in my hands
turn on the water
wet both hands and the soap.

shut off the water
(this is the difference,
before I would leave it running
it was to noisy and wasteful)

it’s so quiet
listening to my hands
building up the lather
nature folding in the wind
whipping the cream by hand
this is my favorite moment
i’m transported
standing away from the city noise

i turn on the water
holding my hands at the bottom of the sink
the miniature waterfall
in my bowl
letting gravity rinse
water off

shaking off the excess
wrapping the towel through my hands

leaning tower of pisa fell over

I’ve been up since 4:00 a.m. Wedenesday July 17, 2019 (btw, it’s one month to my birthday, but that’s beside the point.) and I’m dragging. I’m tired.

I had to go into the bathroom and splash cold water on my face.
I was falling asleep watching a documentary
about cooking, on Netflix.
I think it was about cooking or
serving left over food from restaurants to the poor.

I couldn’t finish it.
It was way to boring.

I was jerking awake during the whole movie.
I felt I was the tower of pisa that
finally fell

ay yi yi

I can’t remember when my dad began to say this phrase.

I know it’s connected with getting older
because I never heard him say it when he was younger
now he never stops

when he’s frustrated usually related with the internet.
ay yi yi

amazed at some old technology that he’s experienced for the first time
ay yi yi

a way in which a woman dresses
ay yi yi

something the pastor said in church
ay yi yi